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Convert Tapes to DVD or Digital

If you have tape, we can convert it.

Every format imaginable

Just like the way of the dinosaur, all tape formats from VHS to 8mm and Mini-DV are heading toward a fate of extinction.  Each day tapes sit on a shelf or packed away in a box, the priceless images stored on them are fading away. You see, tape was only meant to last for 20 years at most and with the relentless wear and tear of time, heat and humidity, your memories from your wedding, birthdays, vacations, even your child’s first steps are at risk of disappearing for good. It’s time to transfer your old VHS, VHS_C, 8mm, Hi-8mm and more to a more modern versatile format like DVD or Digital mp4.

Those old camcorder tapes are alive again

This is where Keepsake Digitize Everything plans step in to save the day. Our team can transfer your piles of antiquated VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, MicroMV  and even Betamax tapes into long-lasting DVDs or digital files that can be watched again and again. We use state-of-the-art recording equipment to ensure the best possible transfer for each video tape. Are your tapes in a foreign video format like PAL or Secam? Our foreign conversion services will enable you to watch them again on your US NTSC system.  If we find your tape is blank or is only a collection of tv recordings instead of family videos, we will not charge you!

Need Something More Custom?

We can even enhance your trip down memory lane with optional editing extras such as captions, animation, music, and other special effects. Call us for details.

Start Converting Your Video Tapes Today!

Are you in the Indianapolis Area?

If you are in the Central Indiana area, we recommend that you come into our store in Carmel, IN.  Our customer specialists can help you figure out the best option and pricing for your tape transfer project.

Do you want to order online?

If you are unable to come to our store in Indianapolis, or prefer to order everything online, you can you can place your entire for tape transfers order in our secure online store. Get started on preserving your memories!

Popular formats include:

VHS and Similar

VHS tapes are best if they were recorded in the Standard Play mode or SP. The length of the tape can be determined by the number after the “T” in the model number. For example, most consumer VHS tapes are T-120 which means that they can either be 120 minutes (best quality), 240 minutes or 360 minutes (lowest quality).
Super-VHS (S-VHS)
Super-VHS are higher resolution and have better audio capabilities than regular VHS. Note: Regular VHS VCR’s will not play Super-VHS, however Super-VHS will play regular VHS. For example, most consumer Super-VHS tapes are T-120 which means that they can either be 120 minutes (best quality), 240 minutes or 360 minutes (lowest quality)
Same quality as VHS. Very popular camera format due to the reduced size of VHS-C (C stands for compact) however an adapter was required to view in a VCR, as no standalone VCR was made to play VHS-C. Standard runtime of 30 minutes, can be as long as 90 minutes at the loss of quality.
Betamax was a direct competitor to VHS. While VHS eventually won the consumer market war, the quality of Betamax is significantly superior to VHS. That may be why Sony went on to win the professional tape market with their Betacam series of broadcast tapes which we also transfer to DVD. Beta tapes can either be recorded in B1 (rare) running 1.5 hours. B2 running 3 hours or B3 running 4.5 hours.

8mm Family

The first of the 8mm family, regular 8mm tapes changed the consumer marketplace forever. Although 8mm tapes comfortably outperformed the VHS & Betamax the main attraction to consumers was the ability to hold a camera in one hand. Thus the era of small video camcorders began. Normally 2 hours long.

The second generation of the 8mm family, Hi-8 tapes offered performance & quality advantages over most other consumer media. Introduced to compete with the addition of Super-VHS, it was a smaller alternative to the larger S-VHS format. Normally 2 hours long.

We can convert your Hi-8 to DVD and Hi-8 to Digital MP4 file

Digital 8
The third generation of the 8mm family, Digital 8 tapes offered dramatic performance & quality advantages over previous generations of 8mm tapes and all other consumer formats prior. Digital 8 camcorders recorded onto Hi-8 tapes as there was not a tape specifically designated as Digital 8. Note: Most Digital 8 devices will playback Hi-8 & regular 8mm tapes, however Hi-8 & 8mm machines will not playback Digital 8 tapes. Normally 2 hours long.

Digital Tape Formats

MicroMV is 70% smaller than Mini-DV giving it the record of smallest videotape format ever! It was relatively short lived but it did record in the same format as DVDs (Mpeg2) which gives it a slight quality advantage. However, the smaller tape size did lead to lost or damaged tapes, plus the camcorders were subject to malfunctions. If you are one of the lucky people to have been on the bleeding edge of technology with MicroMV, we can help reel you back to shore. Normally 1 hour long.
With the introduction of Mini-DV came mini-camcorders. Finally you could sit and film with a camera that fit in the palm of your hand. Other than the size difference, there was no real advantage to filming home movies on this format from a quality perspective. Normally 1 hour long.

PAL & SECAM to NTSC Conversion

We can currently convert VHS & SVHS PAL & SECAM tapes to NTSC DVD or digital file. We can also convert PAL DVDs to NTSC DVDs, the price is still only $12.95/DVD. If you have another tape format that you need transferred, give us a call or email us as we may be able to help you out.

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