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Restoration Services

Light VHS Cleaning

Let’s face it. VHS tapes are getting really old. As they age they start to get “dropouts” which appear as lines or “snow” on the tape. Help reduce and eliminate these dropouts so that you have the best transfer possible. Keepsake Digitize Everything can help! Our Tapechek 490 is a state of the art machine designed to reduce dropouts and analyze your tape. For an additional $5 we can professionally clean your VHS tape so that you get the best possible quality.

Physical Tape Repair

Sometimes VCR’s eat tapes and other times tapes just go bad and break, snap, stick, crack, get run over by the car or devoured by the dog. In any case, we can help you repair your tape so it can be transferred to DVD or digital file. Keepsake Digitize Everything Repair Plans start as low as $10 per repair.

Disc Repair

CD’s, DVD’s & Game Discs are all very expensive if purchased commercially, yet they all scratch relatively easily. If you or someone you know is having trouble playing back a favorite movie, video or game, have them give us a call. With Keepsake Digitize Everything Disk Repair Plans, we can professionally restore their favorite movie, album or game to like new condition–maybe even better for only $5 a disk!

Sticky Tape

Another issue brought on by moisture is a condition called sticky tape. This happens when damp conditions cause the tape to stick together around the reel. Fortunately sticky tape is not as serious as mold, but it’s still problematic.

Our team of experts at Keepsake are trained to spot and treat sticky tape with our Digitize Everything Sticky Tape Plan where we:

  • Utilize a specialized heating process which helps dehydrate the tape
  • This allows the tape to be more easily separated
  • After tape is successfully separated, we transfer into a digital format

Do you have material damaged by a Natural Disaster?

Fire Damage

If you have experienced a fire and your film or tapes have melted cases or shells, all may not be lost.
Melting of the outer case and shells and tape mechanisms. We can help. Believe it or not, videotape can take a great deal of heat exposure and still be restored. At Keepsake Media, our Digitize Everything Fire Damage Team will examine your tape and often times, restore it so it may be transferred to a digital format.

Flood Damage

If your basement has flooded, and you find your precious tapes and film floating in water, don’t worry.

We can help. At Keepsake Media, our Digitize Everything Water Damage Plan will:

  • Utilize a specialized heating process which helps dehydrate the tape or film if it is still wet
  • Thoroughly clean your film or tape with our specialized cleaning solvents
  • Run the tape through our Tapechek 490 cleaning machine
  • Once it is dry and clean we will transfer to a digital format

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