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8mm 16mm Film Reel Transfers

Don’t Trust Your Priceless Film To Just Anyone

Bring back your old films

Film may not be a part of our lives now, but they hold the key to days gone by. In attics and closets all across the country, boxes of 8mm and 16mm film can be found collecting dust.

Countless family movies on film are being held hostage in attics all across America because people simply don’t have working projectors to watch them with. Now is the time to pull them out and give them new life for future generations!

Don’t Trust Your Priceless Film To Just Anyone

There are countless transfer companies out there which simply play your 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm films from a projector and videotape it off of a screen. At Keepsake, we know how priceless family memories are and we treat them with the highest level of care possible.

For our 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film standard definition DVD quality transfers utilize a telecine method which ensures you will get the best quality possible at an affordable price. Basically what this means is we use a low watt light source and magnification to directly capture the image on film with broadcast cameras without projecting it onto a screen. This method removes any hot spots or distortion a projector may cause and produces more vibrant color and detail than other methods. Our expert multi-media specialists take the time to correct flickers and contrast in the film by hand, creating a smoother, clearer playback for you.

For our 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm High Defintion 1080P transfers we utilize a state of the art sprocketless frame by frame scanning system. We utilize a combination of real time color and brightness correction as well as further adjustments in post production to give you the best possible reproduction of your films. The resulting HD video is burned to a high quality BluRay (TM) disc or to a high definition MOV or MP4 file. Keep in mind, we can only work with what you give us, meaning some issues such as poor focus or extremely dark or over exposed film will not be correctable but we will enhance what we can!

Started Converting Your Film Today!

Are you in the Indianapolis Area?

If you are in the Central Indiana area, we recommend that you come into our store in Carmel, IN.  Our customer specialists can help you figure out the best option and pricing for your film transfer project.

Do you want to order online?

If you are unable to come to our store in Indianapolis, or prefer to order everything online, you can you can place your entire for film transfers order in our secure online store. Get started on preserving your memories!

How can I tell what size film reel(s) I have?

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